Policies & Procedures

Policies and procedures establish a baseline by which all work should be performed and help ensure that each task, from the most basic and routine to the most complicated and critical, are executed properly, securely and in full compliance.

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NSI has helped many organizations develop, formalize and/or re-evaluate their policies and procedures to ensure they are meeting the needs of the organization as well as regulatory requirements such as HIPAA. Through observation and documentation along with interviewing business process owners and management, we are able to formalize and optimize your policies and procedures. Furthermore, we are able to ensure you comply with the appropriate laws and regulations, avoid any segregation of duties conflicts, and help protect against security violations.


NSI's methodology provides you with complete policy lifecycle management. This ensures a comprehensive examination of an organization's specific business and regulatory requirements.

  • Data Gathering – NSI's conducts a series of in-depth interviews to understand a company's specific risks and business requirements.
  • Policy Draft – Using the information obtained, we create a comprehensive set of policies and procedures to address any areas of need identified.
  • Review – Having created a draft policy, NSI reviews the draft with the client to ensure that all security and compliance objectives are addressed by the policy.
  • Implementation – Once the client approves the policy, NSI delivers a final draft for implementation.

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NSI's Policy and Procedure Service plays an integral part in helping you to maintain an efficient and secure business environment. Contact us today at 800.900.9690 to learn more.