Risk Assessment

Today more than ever, organizations of all sizes need to assess, manage and monitor risk. Risks that are not identified, and mitigated have adverse effects on your business and can impact productivity and profitability. In today's market and economic environment, organizations can not afford to not know the risks.

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Conducting an IT risk assessment is the most critical component of the risk management process. Identifying the magnitude of potential losses and the likelihood that they will occur are challenging tasks for any organization, but must be performed thoroughly. NSI's team of professionals has extensive experience conducting IT risk assessments and can help your organization conduct its IT risk assessment to validate that risks to all critical resources are identified and mitigated.


An effective risk assessment process is an essential component of any successful risk management program. The principal goal of this process is to identify specific high risk areas facing your organization and implement solutions to protect the organization and its ability to perform their business objectives. Our risk assessment service helps fortify your environment and improve compliance with industry regulations by providing a comprehensive assessment of each important aspect of your environment:


  • Internal and External Controls
  • Physical Security
  • Policies & Procedures
  • Gaps vs. Regulations and Best Practices
  • Vulnerabilities & Threats

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NSI's Risk Assessment Service plays an integral part in maintaining a secure business environment. Contact us today at 800.900.9690 to learn how NSI can deliver increased visibility and control when you need it most.