Vendor Management

In today's competitive marketplace, many companies are increasingly more dependent on multiple vendors to support the company. Managing the numerous individuals and companies, you do business with is crucial for developing valuable relationships and staying compliant with any regulations should they exist. Net Service can ensure accurate vendor due diligence and help your business manage vendor contracts in a timely manner. Our process will help your organization avoid the many pain points or unexpected issues that can occur with vendor management.

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If your company comes from a heavily regulated business such as Healthcare or Banking, Net Service works with vendor management through our IT Governance programs or IT Governance projects to insure your company is compliant with all mandated and audited requirements.


Net Service will help you improve the vendor management and vendor due diligence process, by tracking and evaluating vendors on a regular basis. Not only will the regular monitoring of vendors ensure they are meeting expectations, it will also allow you to proactively take measures to mitigate risks by identifying key dependencies your organization may have with your vendors.

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Call Net Service today at 800-900-9690 for a consultative meeting related to determining the best approach to Vendor Management whether part of a comprehensive program, or specific to this area Net Service has the experience to get the job done, and give you the peace of mind your business needs.