Managed IT Security provides your business a comprehensive way to configure your network, setup alerts and security policies, and provide administration, monitoring, and maintenance services using the IT industry best practices to ensure that your network is available, access is secure, and your IT environment is always running at its optimum level.
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    Endpoint Security

    Protection is more about layer then about single points of defense.  it starts with a strong antivirus and malware detection and prevention engine.

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    Intrusion Detection

    Intrusion Detection service detects intrusions and intrusion attempts with solutions designed to monitor your network and identify potential threats to your data.  We dedicate ourselves to intrusion detection and defense, access vulnerabilities, compliance maintenance, incident activity, and trending & detailed reporting.

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    Vulnerability Management

    Identify weaknessess and vulnerabilities in your IT Enviorment and knowing how to address them provides you with the ongoing protection you need.

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    Access Control

    Protect your systems, data and applications.  Unauthorized access can provide the wrong audience, the opportunity to steal proprietary data or even install malicious code, malware and other viruses.

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    Firewall Management

    Is a complete security program with 24/7 management and monitoring for access control and threat management,  Have protection for all your key information, assets, networks, hosts, applications, and databases.

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Value Prop

Our overall goal is to delivery technology, service, and peace of mind by managing your IT, by increasing your company's productivity and control, so you can focus on growing you business.


Our company continued to grow through the years, and our information technology needs continually changed.  Net Service has been an integral part of helping us through these changes since 2001

Gallagher Pediatric Therapy

Fullerton, CA

Net Service has had an advanced approach in supporting us in all aspects of governance and compliance. Their comprehensive security framework which reduces costs and strengthens security is aligned to the best-practice industry standards:


We have appreciated the time you devoted to our needs, your expertise in designing efficient, expandable and secure computer configurations

Frank Spina,

Director of Operations

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