Access Control

Access control is the key in protecting your systems, data and applications. Unauthorized access can provide the wrong audience, the opportunity to steal proprietary data or even install malicious code, malware and other viruses.

Net Service's Identity and access management planning brings to the organization the right approach to identity and access protection and brings greater value in reducing your information technologies management cost. Using best practices, we help you build a more secure, compliant, productive, and focused work environment.

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We start by surveying your current systems, data, andweb access as well as systems security parameters Once mapped, we will help you set the right end to end access policy, select the most feasible technology, and implement the correct policies and procedures.Addtionally we will also help you put in place the right control monitoring systems and processes.

Below are some of the elements of our program:

  • Policy-based access controls - Mitigate risk and protect your business's assets from intruders and insiders. Ensure only authorized users can access sensitive data at the right time.
  • Single sign on for efficiency and control , Net Service will identify and deploy single sign
    for the network as well as for web applications, where applicable.
  • Change Control Management whether it is temporary or permanent.
  • Two factor authentication for sensitive systems and data.
  • Compliance Evaluation -To make sure that your organization meets its regulatory mandates.

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Net Service can create a secure environment where authorized users access only what they need to, when they need so you can focus on your business to create value for your endusers and your customers. Contact us today at 800.900.9690 for an initial assessment of your business needs.