Intrusion Detection

The ability to anticipate and fend off security breaches is invaluable to any company. NSI's Intrusion Detection service detects intrusions and intrusion attempts with solutions designed to monitor your network and identify potential threats to your data.

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Can You Trust Your Firewall Alone To Protect Your Network?


While the firewall is an essential part of your IT security, it's just a wall that can't distinguish a customer from a criminal. When services are allowed through the firewall, application vulnerabilities can be exploited to introduce severe threats. NSI's Intrusion Detection Service provides an advanced layer of security, backed by the ultimate threat detector: our expert security professionals.


The goal of Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) is to monitor the effectiveness of control systems by monitoring for evidence of attacks. To be effective, however, an IDS solution requires disciplined processes and expert staff, as well as a carefully configured and tuned monitoring configuration. That's why organizations choose to outsource this vital service to NSI.


All of your network traffic data is collected and analyzed for suspicious patterns that appear. If these events merit taking action to protect your data, our security analysts are alerted immediately, and further investigate the threat and remediate it quickly. And because our solutions correlate these events, they get smarter and "learn" to recognize these threats as they emerge. Beyond just the software, a security research team operates 24×7 to receive and analyze information in real time giving you the peace of mind that your environment is under constant vigilance.

Key Benefits

  • Detection & Defense
  • Access Vulnerabilities
  • Maintain Complaince
  • Trending & Detailed Reporting
  • Incident Activity
  • Lower Costs

Value Prop

NSI's Managed Intrusion Detection Service plays an integral part in maintaining a secure business environment. Contact us today at 800.900.9690 to learn how NSI can deliver increased visibility and control when you need it most.