Vulnerability Management

With an average of over 120 new threats and vulnerabilities emerging every week, Vulnerability management is not only important but an essential step in maintaining a secure environment. It is a never ending battle. One exploited weakness has the potential to take down your entire business. NSI understands the importance and works with you to ensure you have complete visibility and control.

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Whether you fall under a regulatory jurisdiction such as HIPAA or just want to protect your assets, vulnerability management is the key to success. Vulnerabilities that go unnoticed or unchecked have the possibility of negatively impacting your business. The impact can be as minor as a single application not working correctly to something much more severe, customer information falling into the wrong hands. You need to know where the weaknesses are and how to address them. NSI offers a comprehensive solution that takes all of gives you the visibility you want and the controls you need.


Identifying weaknesses and vulnerabilities in your IT environment allows NSI to bolster your data protection where you need it most. Our security solutions, 24×7 security operations center and third-party intelligence sources work together to give you a complete view of the potential risks in your environment and provide recommendations on compensating controls to minimize those risks.

Vulnerability assessment from NSI includes:

  • Unlimited internal and external scans
  • PCI-DSS 2.0 compliant external scanning
  • Broad scanning capabilities


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NSI's Vulnerability Management service plays an integral part in maintaining a secure business environment. Contact us today at 800.900.9690 to learn how NSI can deliver increased visibility and control when you need it most.