Data Center Management


Data Center Management is the consultative process with your business, to identify the best-consolidated and efficient approach to a centralized IT platform. This approach is generally persued at a collocated data center facility, but can also be approached as an in-house solution.


With ever-increasing data center size and complexity, data center managers and IT professionals are increasingly in need of remote management solutions that enable them too quickly and effectively access servers, networking devices, and other mission-critical equipment. A complete management solution should integrate the entire IT platform securely and remotely through a number of IT tools, IT Policies and strategies to create and maintain a secure and efficient data center footprint.

Data Center

Benefits of Centralized Data Center Management:

  • Manage and troubleshoot servers, storage, and other equipment locally or remotely, through a single administrative interface
  • Centralizes data center control and provides efficient management and maintenance processes, using fewer IT resources.
  • Enhances system security by leveraging a centralized authentication schema.
  • Provides visibility to daily operations and occurrences through comprehensive audit logging, change control processes and reporting tools.
  • Improves physical site security by allowing IT staff to work remotely without needing access to the data center environment.
  • Less IT expenditures through efficient planning and design approaches

Value Prop

Net Services, Inc. has over 25 years of experience with Data Center Design Engineering. Through utilizing the latest virtualization, and storage approaches we have a proven ROI metrics that will help your organization efficiently and cost effectively approach this IT investment. If you are in need of comprehensive guidance, we urge you to call us related to a free Initial Data Center Project Review Assessment at 800-900-9690.