Optimize your communications strategy throughout the solutions lifecycle

As business communication needs become more complex, the development and implementation of an effective voice and video collaboration solution is critical to realizing strategic business goals. That's why Net Service Inc., focuses on providing and delivering timely and innovative business solutions to help you meet your strategic goals throughout the solution's lifecycle.


Net Services consultants are highly qualified and have extensive technical and project management experience in all aspects of assessment, planning, design, implementation, and management of voice, video and audio conferencing networks, applications, and operations. Our technical experts have the skills and experience to get the job done right the first time

Solutions for Integrated Voice and Video Networks

Unified voice, video, and data communications in conjunction with collaboration technologies enable employees to work more productively and enhance overall business efficiency. The challenges to achieving these goals include increases in devices being networked, new multimedia applications with demanding network service requirements, and increased employee mobility. Enterprises worldwide need to satisfy the reliability, quality, manageability, mobility and security requirements of integrated voice, video and data services, all of which are essential elements of unified communications.

To meet these challenges, Net Services has teamed with market leaders such as Avaya and Polycom


These solutions are leveraged to:

  • Increase employee productivity through improved availability and reliability of real-time and collaborative applications
  • Reduce administrative expenditures and costs with automated configuration of IP phones and other devices
  • Automatically identify, prioritize, and control voice and video traffic on a per user basis based upon business requirements
  • Guarantee service quality and reliability for voice and video applications within shared wired and wireless environment

Value Prop

Everyday businesses face the challenge of staying competitive to meet their daily and long term goals. Implementation of the proper voice and video solutions can help your business keep your competitive edge. Net Service Inc can offer comprehensive guidance for these solutions. Our consultants will survey your existing environment to make sure your organization is prepared to address the latest voice and video solutions that your business needs. We urge you to call us related to a free voice and video review assessment at 800-900-9690.