Help Desk, System Management, Monitoring

Whether you need fully outsourced network administration, help desk or just additional resources and services to extend your existing internal resources, NSI has the right solution for you. Free up your time to focus on the strategic needs that grow your business and leave the day to day tasks to us.

Solutions Engineering

Technology solutions have one purpose: To serve the business. Over 30 percent of IT Initiatives fail to produce expected results, fail to deliver on time and fail to come in under budget. Reason: Lack of planning. At Net Service, we start with the understanding of your business needs and align it with the correct Information Technology. Only then we develop the scope and budget. Once the right solution is selected, we deploy using a proper project management approach. As a result we help you to achieve your expected results, on time and on budget.

Solutions engineering



Virtualization of Servers, PC's, and Storage

Leverages the power of virtualization to transform datacenters into dramatically simplified private or public cloud computing infrastructures and enables your organizations to deliver the next generation of flexible and reliable IT services, using internal and external resources, securely and with low risk.


  • Centralizes Security
  • Increases Speed and performance of Inter-branch Application
  • Centralizes Application Management
  • Enhances Storage Backup and Recovery
  • Reduces Cost of Support per User up to 70% Less

Solutions are Delivered Mainly Through the following Services:


Infrastructure Services –The set of components that comprehensively virtualize server, storage and network resources, aggregate them and allocate them precisely on demand to applications based on business priority.


Application services – The set of components that provide built-in service level controls to all applications

Corporate Portal, Document Management & Collaboration


Companywide portal provide document management, version control and team collaboration as well as an easy to access repository.

A large portion of the company day-to-day team activities include; creating and retrieving documents, developing reports, writing and revising new and existing policies & procedures, etc.

The Portal can start with Microsoft's Entry Level SharePoint Platform Foundation technology which include the following features but is not limited to:

  • Document Versioning
  • Document Approval
  • Document Check-in/Check-out Feawtures
  • Intranet Portal
  • Site Seach
  • Blogs and Wiki's
  • Basic Workflows
  • Microsoft Office Integration
  • Workspace Integration
  • External Data link
  • Active Directory Integration

Platform can be upgraded to the standard or Enterprise Version for additional functionalities such as:

  • Server Side excel Services
  • Server Side Visio Services
  • Enhanced Workflow
  • Enhanced Document Management

Message Security, Encryption & Archival

Email is the most used application in all of business. We provide your business a comprehensive set of messaging services, either Hosted or on Your Premise, with the two leading platforms: Microsoft Exchange and Google Apps. Our email solutions can provide you with Secure Email hosting, Archival, and Message Security. We will migrate your legacy system messages and archive to the new platform.

System Features:

  • Email Web Access (99.9%) Guaranteed up-time with SSAE16 Certification
  • Microsoft Interoperability
  • Active Symc for Mobile Devices
  • Active email Spam Filtering Service
  • Scalable Platform
  • SSAE16 Compliance Facility
  • Message Secuirty
  • Message Archival & Discovery 1 to 10 years Ability
  • Message Encryption


Other solutions include: Project Management, Mobile Application deployment, Software development and more.


Value Prop

In today's environment Information technology has a direct impact on your products and services. With our managed services we work with you on regular IT planning to ensure alignment with your business goals and objectives. Contact us today at 800.900.9690 for an initial assessment for your business needs.